Turning Problems into Opportunities – Automated MAP Monitoring

If you’re finding yourself scrambling each time one of your sellers reports a MAP violation to you, chances are you are constantly feeling the pressure of being on the defensive. Protecting the margins your sellers planned, so they could properly market your products, is critical to a strong long-term reseller relationship and strong overall performance. This is where MAP monitoring comes in.

Manual vs. Automated MAP Monitoring

Manual MAP monitoring can be a bit like playing “whackamole” – you get one violation cleared up only to find several others popping up in its place at a rapid pace. It’s all you can do to try and keep on top of it, and you’re left depleted, with no energy to focus on other tasks. You face serious threats to your business such as:

  • Unknown or unauthorized retailers selling your product
  • Inconsistent pricing across channels, which affects both consumers’ and retailers’ outlook on your brand
  • Inconsistent support for all of your partners
  • The nearly insurmountable task of enforcing your MAP manually
  • Commoditization of your brand
  • Unpredictable spikes impacting your revenue and production cycles

With an automated MAP monitoring tool, however, you get ahead of the problem of MAP violators and actually can turn it into an opportunity for your company. Investing in the policies that reinforce margins, which in the end support the marketing and branding of your products, is a commitment to long-term success. Imagine the benefits of becoming aware of violations within hours of their occurrence and having a set plan in place for immediate action. That’s what ORIS Intel’s PROWL has to offer you.

ORIS Intel Is the Answer

By crawling the Internet every 3 hours to check for violations, PROWL performs the time-intensive and comprehensive search activity, streamlining the work that you’ll have to do. You receive a report that has prioritized violations organized for you and enables you to quickly send out prewritten communications to violators to get the problems cleared up in a reasonable timeframe. No more reactive behavior on your part – you’re ready to be proactive and consistent about your MAP.

Schedule a demo of PROWL today to find out just how much of an impact automated MAP monitoring could have on your brand.