Tips for Maintaining Your MAP Policy

Are you looking for ways to streamline your MAP enforcement and monitoring process? We can help. Follow these tips to make things easier on your staff.

Your minimum advertised price (MAP) policy requires a commitment to action. As nice as it would be to create your policy and trust that everyone will follow it, unfortunately that isn’t how it works – especially in the world of Internet retailers and discount sellers. But maintaining your MAP policy doesn’t have to be a lot of work either. By following these simple suggestions and utilizing an automated MAP monitoring tool such as ORIS Intel’s PROWL, maintaining your MAP policy can be relatively simple.

Regular Monitoring

You must have a plan in place for regular monitoring in order to get any benefit from your MAP policy. It’s critical to be watching the marketplace frequently in order to spot violations as they occur. Your automated monitoring solution will make this a much easier task than if you attempt to monitor manually. With PROWL, for example, the cloud-based tool will crawl thousands of websites such as third-party seller marketplaces, comparison shopping engines, and online retailers several times a day and provide you with a daily report on any violations it finds.

Prompt Communication

Monitoring alone is not enough – you also need to act on what you find. Working with your antitrust lawyer, you’ll need to draft the communication you’ll use for MAP enforcement. When it’s complete, be sure to use it! An automated tool like PROWL will again be helpful here by prioritizing violations for you. This way, if there are too many to handle in a single setting, you’ll be able to tell which sellers will have the most impact on your product’s market and you can reach out to those retailers first.

Thorough Record Keeping

You’ll also need to be sure to keep accurate and detailed records of any MAP-related communications you’ve had with retailers. This information will be invaluable in the event that legal action becomes necessary. Because any negotiation regarding minimum advertised price can appear to be a price agreement, your records will serve to exonerate you should you be accused of such actions by any retailers. You’ll also have proof of the frequency of their violations and your orders to cease them should you end up in a courtroom.

Detailed communication records can also help you keep track internally of next steps for violating retailers. You’ll know how much time has passed since you sent your original warning and any subsequent sanctions, so you’ll be aware of exactly when you should escalate the situation to the next level.

By staying on top of things and keeping organized with an automated monitoring system like PROWL, you can be sure you’re getting the benefits of your MAP policy without spending excessive amounts of time or effort. If you’re interested in learning more about how PROWL can work for you, schedule a customized demo today.