See Who Moves First with PROWL

Do you know who is at the source of price cascading when retailers violate your MAP policy? Get the inside scoop with reports from ORIS Intelligence’s PROWL.

If you’ve experienced a situation in which several retailers are violating your minimum advertised price policy at once, you know how frustrating that can be. It’s not only the headache of contacting each one to send warnings and keep track of your communications – it’s also not knowing who started the violations to begin with. How do you know which sellers to keep the closest watch on to prevent a price cascading problem from happening again?

Daily Monitoring Won’t Work

Identifying who moved first is not possible if you’re monitoring your MAP once a day.  The necessity to catch the first violating seller who initiated the price drop below MAP and then subsequently see who followed suit, requires frequent monitoring.  All this activity will happen between the once daily monitoring and it’ll never be clear which retailer violated MAP first.  There is a better way: ORIS Intelligence’s PROWL is a user-friendly, intuitive solution that can easily solve this problem for you.

How PROWL Helps You Determine Who Made the First Move

Our comprehensive tool monitors thousands of sites to identify third party unauthorized retailers and anonymous sellers of your products. You can feel confident you’re getting the big picture with PROWL. And not only do we crawl many more sites than you could do on your own, we do it much more frequently. When we check every 3 hours, violations get caught much more quickly as well.

Put an End to the Game Playing

Even if you’re not watching at any given time, PROWL is. It records exactly the time a seller dropped their price below MAP, and all the subsequent violators that followed suit, so you have the evidence you need to prove which retailer was the first violator in the series of violations. How does this help you? For example, you’ll quickly learn that Amazon in particular is rarely the first to adjust prices, but they do respond rapidly when others begin violating MAP. Prevent violations from more obscure sellers and you prevent Amazon from violating.

Also, in the case of two retailers who are pointing fingers at each other and insisting that the other was the first to violate, you get the insight and proof into who moved first.

Knowledge Is Power

It’s a widely used phase for a reason – the more you know, the more strategic you can be and the more power you have over your own business and brand. Don’t spend another day wondering who started playing the MAP violation game this time. Schedule a demo for PROWL and see the difference it can make for you.