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MAP Policy Enforcement Letter Examples

Putting together your brand’s MAP policy and not sure how you should word your enforcement letters?

You should always consult an attorney specializing in antitrust to make sure you’re using appropriate language for what you need to convey. In the meantime, you can use these samples and templates to get started.

Remember that your MAP policy violation letters will vary depending on your particular policy and how you plan to enforce. If you have a three-strike policy, for example, you’ll need three clear versions of your letter to be distributed.

MAP Violation Letter Templates

Note that these are only examples of letters that have been used. We do not offer legal advice and highly recommend that any communication be approved by your legal team.

MAP Violation 1 Example


Dear valued customer,

Per our e-mails that we sent starting in MONTH/DAY regarding BRAND’S YEAR MAP pricing policy, BRAND has started monitoring the prices our customers are selling X products for to ensure everyone is in compliance with the MAP policy. Unfortunately it has been brought to our attention that your company is in violation of this policy. To ensure that we will be able continue to work together without any problems or interruptions, please have your pricing corrected as soon as possible.

BRAND would like to thank you for your cooperation and adherence to this new policy and looks forward to continued business with your company.

If you are not the appropriate contact for this issue, please e-mail the correct contact information to the e-mail address below.

MAP Department


MAP Violation 1 Example

Dear NAME,

It has come to our attention that you have strayed from our minimum advertised price policy (MAP Policy), which is a unilateral policy aimed at protecting our reputation for high quality in the market and supporting the business of independent resellers.

Specifically, your current violations are listed below:


This MAP Policy applies to all forms of advertising, including mailings, catalogs, in-store displays and the Internet. We ask that you fully comply with our MAP Policy within two (2) business days of your receipt of this correspondence.   (Optional: should be based on your MAP)

A copy of our current MAP Policy and corresponding product price list are attached. Please be advised that this MAP policy concerns only advertised prices, and does not relate to the actual sales prices of any product.  (Up to you if you want to include MAP every time)

Thank you,