How to Solve the Problem of Manual MAP Monitoring

If you’ve got a strong minimum advertised price policy in place, you’ve taken the first step in protecting your brand online. You might think you’ve taken the appropriate action and things seem to be running smoothly. But by waiting for your retailers to report MAP violations to you, or by simply checking major sites like Amazon a few times a week, you’re actually missing a lot of the bigger picture.

Manually monitoring your MAP is a problem because as human beings, we can only see so much, and we also only have limited hours in each day. If a member of your team is able to spot a violation by a major retailer, that’s great. You can send a sanction to that seller, and they’re likely to comply – unless they’re price matching a smaller seller, unknown to you, and they are only willing to follow your MAP if everyone else is too.

How do you find out who that unknown seller is, so that you can sanction them? Or, what happens if your trusted sellers do comply with your MAP, but eventually are unable to make a profit on your products due to so many other retailers who are allowed to continue selling below MAP with no consequences?

The truth is that you’ll never be able to catch all violators with a manual process, and you open your business up to these potentially catastrophic issues. But the way to averting this crisis is simple: automated MAP monitoring.

Give Your Business a Boost with Automated Monitoring

Automated MAP monitoring lets you take a set it and forget it attitude to monitoring so you can focus on aspects of your business that require your particular skills and expertise. ORIS Intel’s PROWL is a software as a service that checks thousands of sites multiple times per day to both uncover MAP violators and identify anonymous sellers of your products. With PROWL, you receive:

  • Extensive monitoring (every 3 hours)
  • Detailed reports of violators
  • Integration with your email client to easily send sanctions
  • Contact information for anonymous sellers
  • Identification of parent/child retailer relationships

This is much more than any person, no matter how talented, can execute. PROWL educates you as to how many dealers are out there selling your product without your knowledge or approval and allows you to easily handle these issues and keep records of your communications. It also lets you avoid potentially unpleasant legal situations resulting from retailers reporting violations of other sellers to you.

Learn more about how ORIS Intel can make MAP monitoring and enforcement a breeze for your company.