Amazon Monitors Everyone – and You Should Too

With your minimum advertised price policy in place, you’re already heading in the right direction. Getting your policies formally decided and written in a legal document is essential. But once you’ve celebrated this accomplishment, don’t stop there. Your MAP will only work for you if it’s diligently monitored and enforced properly.

If you’re currently doing some monitoring on your own, or having basic automated monitoring on a few sites you are on the right path – you’re just not going quite far enough. Comprehensive automated MAP monitoring, which will enable you to deliver best in class enforcement, will make your life easier and provide you with more complete information than you’re able to obtain on your own or using outdated tools.

Monitoring More Than You Can

If it seems impossible to check much more than just the main sites like Amazon and Google Shopping a couple of times a week and still keep up with the rest of your responsibilities, that’s because it is. You’re only one person after all. But an automated solution, such as ORIS Intel’s PROWL, will allow you to effectively keep tabs on thousands of websites. Why should this excite you? Because monitoring only the big sites does not mean you have your MAP violations covered, despite what you may think.

When you monitor a very limited number of sites, you have no way of knowing what else is out there: what other smaller retailers are selling your products below MAP? You won’t know – but Amazon will. As such a large online retail presence, Amazon is careful to keep a close eye on sites all over the Internet and what they’re advertising products for. Amazon is not commonly the ones who will violate MAP first, but they will match the prices of those they find who are violating because they need to stay competitive.

If Amazon is watching other sites for the first violator, you certainly should be doing the same, so that you can prevent the violating from spreading to Amazon and others in the first place. But you don’t need to spread yourself thin or neglect other aspects of your business. PROWL will solve the problem by monitoring thousands of sites for you, pulling reports into an easy-to-use format, and storing all your communication so you have accessible records of everything. So instead of increasing your time spent monitoring to check more sites, PROWL actually reduces the amount of effort you have to expend.

Follow Amazon’s example and get on board with automated MAP monitoring so you can stay on top of violations before they get out of hand. Schedule a demo with ORIS Intel today or learn more about why PROWL is the best choice for you.