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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (BRAIN) — Todson has hired Oris Intel for automated monitoring of the accessory maker's minimum advertised price (MAP) policy. Read more on BicycleRetailer.com...

When you find your business inundated with anonymous sellers violating your minimum advertised price policy, don’t you wish you could figure out who all those sellers are? It would certainly make enforcing your MAP a lot easier. You’d be able to tell who started the chain of events leading to a price cascading problem in which some of your larger sellers end up violating MAP as well. Whose prices are your sellers matching?
Where are you in terms of your business’s minimum advertised price (MAP) policy? Are you just getting started drafting an official policy and not entirely sure what your next steps will be? Or perhaps you check in on Amazon and Google Shopping every couple of days to see what prices they have your products listed at. Maybe you rely on your retailers to clue you in when they notice someone else violating your MAP policy. Wherever you stand in relation to MAP monitoring and enforcement, you’re not alone. But there’s one thing you should put at the top of your priority list right now – automated MAP monitoring.
Does reporting leave you feeling a little overwhelmed? If you’re not quite sure where to begin or what information is the most important for your business’s minimum advertised price (MAP) reports, ORIS Intel is here to help.
If you’re finding yourself scrambling each time one of your sellers reports a MAP violation to you, chances are you are constantly feeling the pressure of being on the defensive. Protecting the margins your sellers planned, so they could properly market your products, is critical to a strong long-term reseller relationship and strong overall performance. This is where MAP monitoring comes in.
When you really stop to examine the benefits of automated MAP monitoring, it's clear that this is a much better route to take than manual monitoring.