Why Choose ORIS?

Actionable Data

Actionable Data At ORIS, we’re all about making your life easier. We closely monitor thousands of websites to catch any retailer that violates your company’s MAP policy. But that isn’t the end of our role: we don’t just provide you with large quantities of data and call it a day. What makes our comprehensive service stand out is the actionable data you’re given.

Easy Enforcement

Easy Enforcement-01Even the best MAP monitoring tool available is only useful if it helps you to enforce your policy. Being aware of violations and taking action to stop them are two very different things. PROWL makes enforcing your MAP policy and keeping track of your related communications simple, so that you have excellent written records of your efforts.

Marketplace Seller Discovery

Marketplace Seller DiscoveryORIS does more than just point out MAP violations from the most obvious online retailers. With our innovative approach, you can learn a lot more about just who is violating your MAP policy.

Our Comprehensive Program

Our Comprehensive ProgramThe MAP policy you have in place is only as effective as your monitoring program. When you choose PROWL from ORIS as your MAP monitoring tool, you get the most comprehensive coverage available.