Brand Matters.

Of all the investments a manufacturer of high-end, luxury or big-ticket items makes, brand is at or near the top of the list.  A tremendous amount of money goes into creating a brand identity and maintaining a brand image, and nothing can erode it faster than corrosive price competition brought about by retailers who are tempted to compete on price. In today’s online environment, where retailers may change prices several times in a single day, brand owners need a partner who can help them quickly and efficiently identify infringements, minimize unauthorized sales, and enforce pricing policies through actions and correspondence.

Protecting your brand.
Improving your efficiency.

Far too many manufacturers rely on retailers to report one another concerning price violations, and lose valuable employee time having individuals perform manual Internet searches. With PROWL, our comprehensive software does the work for you, faster and more efficiently than any individual can. We’d love to show you how PROWL can streamline your processes, minimize the time you spend monitoring and enforcing online pricing policies, and protect your brand more effectively.

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Online discounters and unauthorized dealers can lead to product commoditization causing lost brand value and bad customer experiences. Product commoditization can devalue high end brands causing them to be less profitable and even go out of business. Monitoring online sellers and discovering the identities of these sellers is a time consuming task.


Time-saving Software for Online Price Monitoring & Policy Enforcement
PROWL is a Software as a Service (SaaS) tool designed specifically to help manufacturers and brand owners monitor and enforce their price policies online.  By streamlining the monitoring process and linking multiple points of data into one resource, PROWL saves time and money, and gives you more thorough results than manual monitoring could ever provide.

How we PROWL

When you create an account with PROWL, we go to work monitoring your price policies with online retailers, and also search continuously for any unauthorized sales of your product.

Here’s how PROWL works


Using an internal process, PROWL identifies all sellers on individual websites and marketplaces so that we monitor the whole Internet.


Once we’ve identified all the sellers carrying your products (including any unauthorized dealers), we create and maintain a detailed profile of each domain, which includes:

  • Brands and Products Monitored
  • Contact Information
  • Traffic Information


Once online sellers have been identified, and all profiles and research tools have been set up, PROWL starts to…prowl, actively monitoring each individual website page EVERY THREE HOURS, EVERY DAY—a frequency that we’ve found to be imperative when it comes to keeping on top of the frequent price adjustments made by online retailers. In addition, to ensure we always have the most up-to-date pricing information, we monitor websites individually, rather than merely relying on Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) to discover a price violation.

With PROWL, product pricing history is stored indefinitely, so you can see every price change and note those retailers who have a history of price violations. You can also have PROWL set up to deliver daily e-mails reports of price violations and corrected prices within a 24-hour period.


Once PROWL has identified violators of your policy, it provides the tools to quickly contact, track and organize correspondence with your sellers.

 We Prowl. You Pounce.

By providing you with the information you need, we enable you to take action in cases of pricing violation and brand degradation.  PROWL provides you with a single place and all the tools you need to track any correspondence sent or any actions taken with a retailer—an important component of your data trail should you need to resort to litigation.

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