OrisHistoryWhat is it that makes ORIS Intel so unique? In fact, a lot of what makes our service so effective and seamless is our unique background.

Retail Origins

PROWL, our automated price monitoring and enforcement tool, originated within a retail environment. From within the framework of a large online retailer, we began to notice a trend in which competing retailers who sold below manufacturers’ minimum advertised price (MAP) policies were causing a direct loss of sales for our company. Interested in looking further into this problem, we created a script to monitor those competitors.

By making the direct connection between MAP violations and decreased sales for non-violators, our team was able to identify a major problem – not only for our business but also for all of the manufacturers whose products we sold. Our suppliers were extremely interested in this technology, but as retailers, our team was unable to provide additional support without risking violating antitrust laws.

We saw the need in the market for a service like ours, and thus spun the software out of the retailer and started ORIS Intel in 2013. Coming from such a retail background, at ORIS Intel we approach data differently. We’re committed to helping manufacturers solve the problems of low-price and low-service retailers whose practices hurt both manufacturers and honest retailers alike. We have a deep understanding of the frequency at which things can change in the world of eCommerce, which is why we’re adamant about monitoring multiple times a day to catch violators in the act.

The Manufacturer’s Perspective

Rounding out our unique expertise, we have associates who have spent years in eCommerce both on the reseller and manufacturing side – whether it be supporting these distinct types of companies or actually working within them. We believe that the intimacy that we’ve gained as a result of where we’ve been makes us that much more qualified as an advisor to our customers.

Our goal – the reason for our existence – is to provide the best possible service to manufacturers for protecting their brands. We go above and beyond because we recognize where manufacturers come from, the struggles, and the challenges in the industry. Our passion is for providing continuing education for manufacturers on how best to participate in the eCommerce space. We’re familiar with the way online business is intertwined with traditional business models, and we want to help manufacturers integrate the two and grow their businesses.

We also fully appreciate the time commitment that monitoring and enforcing a MAP pricing policy can require, so we have designed PROWL to make things easy and straightforward. Sorting is simple, communication is tracked for quick access and recordkeeping, and the tool itself is user-friendly and intuitive. With ORIS Intel’s PROWL, you can be sure that you’re getting the best MAP pricing enforcement tool on the market in addition to the best customer service.

Learn more about how PROWL works here.