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Preserving the Consumer Experience – It’s Not About the Price!

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When it comes to delivering a superior customer experience, the seller holds all the cards. It is critical that the reseller, merchant, brand has the ability to follow through and support the consumer both pre and post sale. Once a consumer decides on what they’re purchasing, whom they purchase it from ultimately has the biggest impact on their experience with the brand.

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Solving the Brand Commodity Threat Problem

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You produce a big-ticket item that is different from anything else on the market, and consumers can’t seem to get enough. Your product offers an intrinsic value that people understand, appreciate, and are willing to pay for, right?

Actually it’s not exactly that simple. Your product’s value is determined at least in part by its price. Consumers are willing to pay more for an item when they can see the difference, but what happens when they can’t? If you don’t have a minimum advertised price policy in place, your brand could become a commodity faster than you might think. Read More

The Domino Effect of MAP Violations

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Retailers are constantly watching for each other to drop prices. If you’re only keeping tabs on the larger sites like Amazon, you’re likely to miss those who actually start the price games. By the time sites like Amazon do drop prices, a domino effect often quickly follows. Don’t let this happen to you – make sure you’re monitoring and enforcing your MAP policy effectively. Read More