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Why cut-rate online pricing is a problem for manufacturers – even if they get paid at cost

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The rapid rise of e-commerce has created a new kind of problem for brands – it’s so easy to shop by price that the quality of the product or the customer service behind it tend to drop out of the calculation. Columbus startup ORIS Intel provides subscription software that scours the web to help brands enforce their policies on lowest advertised price.

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Finish Line hires ORIS Intelligence to monitor MAP pricing

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Finish Line has hired Oris Intelligence to monitor the online minimum advertised prices for all products subject to its MAP.

“Thanks to Oris Intel’s proprietary Prowl monitoring software, the monitoring of online pricing across thousands of sites becomes easy,” said Hank Krause, the president of Finish Line. “This cloud-based software reduces the amount of time it takes to enforce pricing policy and easily identifies online discounters with more accuracy and efficiency than other price comparison engines.”