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How to Solve the Problem of Unpredictable Spikes Impacting Revenue and Production

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When you receive unexpected sales from dealers that aren’t on your authorized seller list, it can seem like you’ve gotten lucky. Certainly, the first bump in revenue is a welcome windfall, but it’s after that, when you factor this additional cash flow into your forecasts for the future, that the risks begin to grow. The moment you begin to rely on unpredictable revenue from unauthorized sellers, you increase your chances of inaccuracies for two main reasons:
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Avoiding the MAP Trap: 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Minimum Advertised Price Policy

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By Ryan Marth, Robins Kaplan L.L.P

To succeed, manufacturers must know how to manage and control the relationships with suppliers, retailers and their customers. Minimum advertised price (MAP) policies are a popular tool to accomplish this goal. MAP policies particularly benefit manufacturers who rely on service and brand recognition to make their products a success.

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