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Online Seller

Online Seller Discovery

PROWL identifies online sellers by monitoring search engines, comparison shopping engines (CSEs) and 3rd party marketplaces.

Seller Profile &
Research Tools

Online Seller Discovery

Detailed profiles provide contact information for UPP/MAP policy enforcement and can link multiple domains and marketplace sellers to the same company.

Online Price

Online Seller Discovery

We monitor individual websites every 3 hours for price changes
and rank minimum advertised price (MAP) violations based on the seller’s impact on the market.

ORIS Intel

ORIS Intel provides Online Retail Intelligence Solutions to manufacturers, distributors, retailers and law firms to enforce their price policy such as minimum advertised price (MAP) and unilateral price policy (UPP). Read More About Us. Call (614) 401-6301 for more information.

News & Resources


How to Solve the Problem of Unpredictable Spikes Impacting Revenue and Production

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When you receive unexpected sales from dealers that aren’t on your authorized seller list, it can seem like you’ve gotten lucky. Certainly, the first bump in revenue is a welcome…


How to Solve the Problem of Manual MAP Monitoring

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If you’ve got a strong minimum advertised price policy in place, you’ve taken the first step in protecting your brand online. You might think you’ve taken the appropriate action and…


How to Solve the Problem of Unauthorized and Unknown Sellers

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Unknown sellers of your products – these anonymous dealers can sometimes add a pleasant surprise to your actual sales numbers. As long as you’ve still got all of your authorized…


How to Solve the Problem of Inconsistent Pricing Across Channels

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If your business is meeting its revenue goals, you might not think that having price differences across various channels is a cause for concern. After all, you’re making a profit…


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