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Online Seller Discovery

PROWL identifies online sellers by monitoring search engines, comparison shopping engines (CSEs) and 3rd party marketplaces.

Seller Profile &
Research Tools

Online Seller Discovery

Detailed profiles provide contact information for UPP/MAP policy enforcement and can link multiple domains and marketplace sellers to the same company.

Online Price

Online Seller Discovery

We monitor individual websites every 3 hours for price changes
and rank minimum advertised price (MAP) violations based on the seller’s impact on the market.

ORIS Intelligence

ORIS Intelligence provides actionable insights that preserve pricing integrity for our manufacturers and enables them to effectively enforce their price policies such as minimum advertised price (MAP) and unilateral price policy (UPP). Read More About Us.

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News & Resources

Preserving the Consumer Experience – It’s Not About the Price!

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When it comes to delivering a superior customer experience, the seller holds all the cards. It is critical that the reseller, merchant, brand has the ability to follow through and…

Why cut-rate online pricing is a problem for manufacturers – even if they get paid at cost

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The rapid rise of e-commerce has created a new kind of problem for brands – it’s so easy to shop by price that the quality of the product or the…

Finish Line hires ORIS Intelligence to monitor MAP pricing

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Finish Line has hired Oris Intelligence to monitor the online minimum advertised prices for all products subject to its MAP. “Thanks to Oris Intel’s proprietary Prowl monitoring software, the monitoring of online…

Stan’s NoTubes hires ORIS Intelligence to monitor MAP pricing

| News | No Comments

Stan’s NoTubes has hired ORIS Intelligence to monitor online minimum advertised prices (MAP) for its line of tubeless bicycle wheels, rims, sealant and other related products. Read More on BicycleRetailer.com


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